Artist Statement – ‘High Fired: Motherhood’

‘High Fired: Motherhood’

‘The juxtaposition of an image of an expectant mother with a weapon of destruction is unsettling.

One symbolises the hope for the future and the giving of life, the other symbolises the destruction and taking of life. The military shell is a powerful form, simultaneously a weapon of destruction and counter intuitively a way to attain peace.

In my first body of work, ‘High-Fired Series’ , my work explored the difficulties I experienced accepting my son’s decision in following his father’s and other family members in joining the Australian armed forces.

In this new series titled ‘High Fired: Motherhood’, I question whether mothers themselves have mistakenly become a part of the machinery of war. The birth of a new generation is a reminder of innocence, purity and the hope our children will never have to go to war. Yet the paradox is that wars are the thread that connects the generations, and each new generation embraces the objects of war in the same way as their predecessors.

Is this a perpetual cycle of existence?  Are we responsible for a production line of humanity delivering an endless supply of the ‘tools’ of war? The ultimate sacrifice is our sons and daughters. This load weighs heavily on our backs.